De Mantra Ubud Bali Indonesia is a place for yoga, meditation and self-healing located in Ubud Bali. De Mantra was founded by a native Balinese yoga teacher, born in Banjar Payogan Kedewatan Ubud Bali – Guru Made Sumantra.

De Manta was established as a Yoga school with Balinese Nusantara traditions, as well as a place to learn how to heal the Balinese tradition, Bali Usada, which is a genuine ancestral heritage of Bali.

You have nothing to lose visiting and studying here. Because you come back you will teach about Balinese culture and be taught by Teachers who understand Balinese culture and spirituality.

As a place of study we also provide lodging at low prices and with convenient facilities, and equipped with internet networks.

Please select the program you want to follow according to your time and needs!

1. Become a certified yoga teacher from the Indonesian government.

2. Become a holistic Healer.

3. Stay at De Mantra.

4. Join the Full Moon Festival.

5. Join the Meditation Festival.

6. Become a certified Meditation Teacher.

We will be happy to serve and share our knowledge.

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Office Address : JL Raya Lungsiakan, Kedewatan, Ubud Bali 
Phone : (+62) 361 975 650 Cellular: (+62) 878 611 878 25 WA : (+62) 821 138 50 694