De Mantra Balinese Holistic healing is a place that has been visited by people from various backgrounds to heal themselves from physical and non-physical illnesses.
This place is located 10 minutes from the center of Ubud and is in the middle of rice fields which are beautified with sunrise and sunset, views of Mount Agung, Mount Watukaru. At night, this place gets vibrations of the full moon’s holy rays.
De Mantra is equipped with a place to stay and a yoga studio, as well as a special place for meditation.
A deliberately packed place for holistic healing.
Please come to this place. You will be served by our healer team.

1. Guru Made Sumantra

An Ubud native, Guru Made Sumantra was born into a prominent family of holy priests. His elders emphasized the Bali Usada healing, Spiritual healing of traditional Balinese culture and the theories of yoga based Sadanga yoga and established a yoga school for training yoga teachers in this tradition, the Markandeya Yoga Indonesia School. Guru Made Sumantra had been around the world to spread Markandeya teachings and teached some healing workshop in many countries such as Carribean, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and many more.

2. Ni Ketut Ega Indah Permatasari (Jero Alit Batur)

A girl from Kintamani, Batur, who since childhood has had talent as an intuitive healer (Balian Dasaran). She was born into a family of holy priests (Pemangku). Many experiences have helped people to heal spiritually, who experience physical, emotional and mental problems.

3. Trimurti

A yoga teacher who studies healing based on scientific studies. Interesting in spiritual and learn about energy, chakra, vibration. She has been a yoga teacher for 2 years and has taken a 200-hour certificate education as a healing yoga teacher.

We offer many kind of healing depend on your need. Our healer team will diagnose and give the best healing to heal the problem.

  1. Bali Usada Healing
  2. Balinese Intuitive Healing
  3. Balinese Chakra Healing
  4. Balinese Pranic Healing
  5. Balinese Kundalini Healing
  6. Balinese Spiritual Healing
  7. Balinese Aura Healing
  8. Balinese Crystal Healing
  9. Genta Balinese Bell Healing
  10. Clearing Negative Effect Karma
  11. Balinese Astrology

Price List For Healing 

. Bali usadha healing   , US 100  , Duration 1,5 Hour
. Spiritual healing        , US 50  , Duration 1 Hour
. Yoga Massage therapy , US 50  , Duration 1 Hour
. Aura healing  , US 50  , Duration 1 Hour
. Cakra healing ,US 50  , Duration 1 Hour
. Pranic healing , US 50  , Duration 1 Hour
. Kundalini healing , US 50  , Duration 1 Hour
. Be Clearing the negative effects of karma .,US 100  , Duration 1,5 Hour
. Balinese bell healing, Holy sound of Bali, US 50  , Duration 1 Hour

. Guest House IDR 250/night free wifi.

Open Hours : 09.00 – 18.00

Connect With Us

Address : JL Raya Lungsiakan, Kedewatan, Ubud Bali
Phone : (+62) 361 975 650 Cellular: (+62) 878 611 878 25 WA : (+62) 821 138 50 694