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This program is called Bali yoga teacher training. In this yoga school you will indeed learn yoga knowledge in the Balinese tradition, and indeed will be taught by authentic Balinese yoga teachers and born in Bali. And with the natural vibrations of Bali and Bali’s taksu. You will not lose being part of us, because you come to Bali to study Yoga, here you will really learn from an authentic Balinese teacher with a school that has taksu Bali (Bali Spiritual)

Are you in Bali? Are you in Holiday? Complete your holiday in Bali yoga teacher course with Guru Made Sumantra From Markandeya Yoga Indonesia School. 

Markandeya Yoga
is a yoga training inspired by Maha Yogi Rsi Markandeya’s spiritual yoga, which since 1988 was developed and redistributed, by Guru Made Sumantra, from Payogan, Ubud Gianyar Bali Indonesia. Starting from Ubud, Bali is spread all over the world with Param-param and its events.

Markandeya Yoga is a package of yoga by uniting the training of Hatha, Tantra, Karma, Bhakti, Japa, Yantra and Jnana yoga, Sadanga Yoga.

Each class program, designed to unite, physical strength, energy, mental concentration, and awareness of universal love with the spirit of self-offering.

Asana, (body pose), Pranayama (energy Control), Pratyahara (Five sense Control), Dharana (Object Control), Tarka (Ballance Control) Dhyana (peace control) And Semadi Control connections with God and the Spirit.

Our training is Legal Indonesian Goverment and member the Association Of  Indonesian Yoga Instructor ( PIYI ) which gives you immediate world-wide recognition as a yoga teacher!

We offer the highest international standards of 90% face-to-face contact hours. Additionally, these hours are exclusively taught by world renown leaders in yoga education, Guru Made Sumantra , yogi from Bali already journey all ther world.

We welcome students from all yoga traditions. The training covers all the Balinese Nusantara Yoga Tradition and Sadanga Yoga and will equip you with the skills to teach the style of asana, pranayama and meditation you prefer. Yoga style: Hatha yoga, Tantra Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bakti Yoga, Japa Yoga, Yantra Yoga, and Jnana yoga, with decipline Yoga Sadanga Yoga.

This Immersion is suitable for anyone wishing for a deeper understanding of all the aspects of Yoga as well as for those who seek a professional education.

We also offer 50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500-hour add-on modules as an Immersion in Ubud Bali  as well as a Mentorship program in our Yoga Shool.

Our commitment is to give you an authentic experience of Yoga with the highest quality of teaching, in a supportive, nurturing environment. We want you to fully immerse yourself in the transformative power of Yoga!

Training Materials Markandeya Yoga Teacher Training:
1. History of Yoga
2. Yoga philosophy
3. Hatha Yoga
4. Tantra Yoga
5. Yantra Yoga
6. Chakra Yoga
7. Balinese Pranayama
8. Kundalini Yoga
9. Prana Yoga
10. Atman Yoga
11. Guru Diksa
12. Yoga Tone
13. Basic Yoga Therapy
14. Teacher Code of Conduct
15. Practice of Creating a Class Program
16. Teaching Practice.

The official certificate from the Indonesian government legal yoga school.
Join in PIYI, The Association Of Indonesian Yoga Instructor


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