The origin of Bali Yoga Massage

1,300 years ago, at 800 M, dynamic bodybuilding therapy based on yoga and the practice of Bali Usada, appeared in the culture of Balinese healing therapy. The art of this therapy is directly rooted in the archipelago healing tradition of Usada Bali treatment. Professor of the founding of Balinese Yoga massage, Guru Made Sumantra is the famous Balinese healer and Yogi. After the death of his grandfather as well as his teacher, Guru Made Sumantra is the earliest to travel to the world and accompanied by Mandara Spa which is the largest SPA company and has branches in all countries of the world. This therapeutic spa (Bali Yoga Massage) practised the healing arts, which later evolved into a traditional Balinese massage.

In this unique Bali Yoga Massage healing System, practitioners guide clients through a series of Yoga postures, while repairing and flipping through energy pathways and stress points (‘ Nadhi ‘). Together this action results in a comprehensive full body treatment that reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body vigorously.

Bali Yoga Massage is done on the floor mat; Both the client and the practitioner wear comfortable clothing that enables ease of movement and flexibility.


Balinese Yoga Massage combines many yoga postures such as: bend forward, bend backward, spinal bend, Cobra, Grasshopper and many more.

This dynamic therapy offers many benefits:

1. Helps detoxify the body and improve the immune system.

2. Improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

3. Very good for muscle relaxation, increase muscle flexibility and increase mobility.

4. Improve posture, balance, improve body alignment and dissolve energy blocks.

5. To help tighten the body, strengthen the joints and fight diseases including chronic joint problems.

6. Reduce stress and anxiety.

7. Help increase energy levels.

When I did the Balinese yoga massage, I entered the meditation condition, and felt as if everything flowed. The 90 minute treatment passed very quickly and when the treatment ended, the client and I felt relaxed but excited.

The greatness of this therapy is about giving and receiving. And that’s what is expected of Balinese yoga massage.


Before carrying out this therapy, therapist and patients need to prepare:

Room Preparation:

1. Mattress and pillow on the floor.

2. Cleanliness of the room.

3. Ventilation room.

4. Sedative Music soul.

5. Therapic clothing and patients are loose and polite.

Self preparation

1. Prayer Together Please cure.

2. Perform the necessary stretching.

3. Feelings of giving and receiving energy healing.


The image below only contains an outline of the pose that will be used as a guide. But in practice the workshop will be given a more detailed and varied. And the way will be guided directly in the workshop.


The purpose of Bali Yoga Massage Workshop is

1. Understand the theory and objectives of Bali Yoga Massage.

2. Can do movement from Bali Yoga Massage

3. Can do therapy Bali Yoga Massage

4. Able to prepare the atmosphere and room that support the course of therapy.


( BalineseYogi And Holistic Healer )

A teacher from Bali who has traveled the world giving Balinese Yoga Tradition and Balinese Healer training.

Guru Made Sumantra was born in the village of Banjar Payogan, Ubud (Bali), and grew up in a family of traditional Balinese shaman healers (Balian) and Yogin.
The healing tradition was passed on from his grandfather and previous ancestors. In Indoneasia, Balinese shamans still play a central role in public health care. This has remained virtually unchanged since ancient times.

The Balinese lineage of healing normally skips a generation and is passed down through the male line. Guru Sumantra was the boy chosen by his grandfather to keep the lineage alive within their family. He is a fifth generation Balinese healer.

Guru Sumantra began his yoga and healing practice within his own family, gradually extending his services to neighbors and eventually to anyone who heard about him. In addition, he continuously improves his knowledge by way of learning from other healers, praying in temples and other sacred places, and through spiritual discipline.

To pass down knowledge to other generations, Guru Sumantra established Yoga Healing Bali. In the unique environment where healing occurs on many levels, he has been able to help countless locals as well as people from around the world with their physical and spiritual concerns.

Through his work and the financial support of Yoga Healing Bali, Guru Sumantra was able to establish Ashram Civa Linggam and Pasraman Markandeya Yoga Indonesia. The Ashram was founded to further assist the spiritual needs of the seeker and offer people from other cultures the opportunity to fully experience his culture and develop an understanding of Universal Spirituality. There are accommodations in the Ashram ( De Mantra Guest House )  for any person who wishes to study deeply in a very quiet, serene, isolated environment.

Throughout his entire life, Guru Sumantra has devoted both time and money to local communities and currently travels around the world to help people. To continue his mission, he recently established Windhu Siwa Yoga Foundation and Markandeya Yoga Indonesia School to provide his healing assistance around the world.

Guru Made Sumantra, is an Indonesian citizen, the birth of Banjar Payogan, Ubud, Bali, which has given extraordinary gifts to mankind when he introduced BALI YOGA HEALING namely Archipelago Tradition Science and Art of Healing, a combination of physical and physical techniques. with a point of concentration on Prana, Kundalini and Atman consciousness. Understand “Grace to the world” and indeed so he is. Guru Made Sumantra’s mission is to teach healing through yoga. Global success is the fruit of noble ideals, effort, stamina and willpower.

The Pioneer of Science and the Art of Modern Yoga Healing. Guru Made Sumantra is one of the greatest masters of yoga in our generation. In developing modern yoga healing techniques used today.

Guru Made Sumantra not only pioneered comprehensive techniques designed to cleanse and energize the physical body, thus encouraging the body’s ability to heal itself, he even spearheaded new ways that had never been used before in order to be able to explain the concepts he discovered carefully. He has succeeded in showing that energy is an important factor in healing the physical body, and by using Yoga Psychotherapy, it also cures psychiatric disorders.

Guru Made Sumantra formulates a system that is easy to learn and easy to use, so simple that even new students can quickly cure simple ailments, allowing them to get positive results immediately.

Students of Guru Made Sumantra are truly fortunate to be able to learn various methods of achieving success in this life, by utilizing techniques that are so effective. This very effective way clearly reflects its wide range of various uses of energy and its deep understanding of life itself.

Through his teachings, students are able to create balance and maintain success and harmony. He guides them through the wide range of possibilities of using Yoga that covers almost all aspects of life.

The offering of yoga is the Basics of Pakem Sadanga Yoga, with packaging of yoga therapy from the knowledge of yoga hatha, tantra, karma, bhakti, japa, yantra and jnana. With the generation of energy Prana, Kundalini and Atman, which he abbreviated with PRAKAT YOGA THERAPY.

He is:


1.Pasraman Markandeya Yoga Ubud, Jalan Lungsiakan Kedewatan, Ubud, Bali Year 21 June 2005
2. Pasraman Markandeya Yoga, Denpasar, Jalan hayam Wuruk 199 H. Year 25 April 2009.
3. Shiva Linggam, Jalan Raya Lungsiakan, Kedewatan, Ubud, January 1, 2015
4. Markandeya Yoga Center Kediri, East Java 10 February 2018, Address: JL Gatot Subroto 145, Kediri – East Java.

5. Markandeya Yoga Puri Taman Singapadu, 1 Desmber 2019
6. Markandeya Yoga Kediri 2 , 23 Januari 2020.
7. Markandeya Yoga Kendari , 1 Februari8 2020

8, Markandeya Yoga Madewi Jembrana, 26 Maret 2020. Jl Madewi BR persinggahan , Pekutatan Jembrana.

He has also spread this Yoga Nusantara to several countries by educating international yoga teachers.

Countries that have been visited:

1. Nagoya Japan, Energy Body Studio, July 12, 2007 provided Yoga Teacher training. Balinese Yoga Teacher Training.

2. Perth, Australia, Mallalo Beach Club. May 18, 2008, provided a Balinese Yoga workshop and Bali usada healing workshop.

3. Nagoya Japan, Energy Body studio, July 15-25, 2009 provides Teacher Yoga training, Balinese Yoga Teacher Training.

5. Singapore, Pure studio November 5 – 10, 2010, provided a Balinese Yoga workshop and Bali usada healing workshop.

6. Netherlands, 23-30 June 2010 Tantra Yoga workshop.

7. Paris, France, May 29 – June 12, 2012. Yoga Therapy workshop.

9. Tokyo, Japan, May 7 – May 12, 2016. Markandeya Yoga Therapy Teacher Training.

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8-10 July 2016, Markandeya Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. SUNWAY HOTEL KUALALUMPUR.

11. KINABALU KUALALUMPUR 10-12 July 2016, Markandeya Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, MANDARA SPA SILK HARBOR MAGGELAN KOTA KINA

12. Dubai, 12-15 July 2016, Markandeya yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Prakat Internatioanl, Balinese Energy Healing. at The H Hotel Dubai.

13. Abu Dhabi, 16-18 July 2016, Markandeya Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. and Prakat International, Balinese Energy Healing. at ST REGIS HOTEL ABUDHABI.

13. London, September 21-24, 2016, Markandeya Yoga Therapy Teacher Training.

14. Los Angeles,New York, Orlando, Miami USA, September 25 – October 27, 2016, Markandeya Yoga Therapy Teacher training.

15. Abudhabi, Yoga Teraoist course, 4 April – 20 April ST REGIS HOTEL ABUDHABI.

And the daily activities of teaching yoga and teaching healing in Pasraman Markandeya Yoga, and also have provided workshops on Yoga and healing Yoga, in several Yoga communities in Indonesia. and always educate New Teachers to participate in spreading this
Noble teaching.

Address:De Mantra, Jalan De Mantra JL Raya Lungsiakan, Kedewatan, Ubud Bali
Phone: (+62) 361 975 650 Cellular: (+62) 878 611 878 25 WA: (+62) 821 138 50 694